Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mr. Chen did not rule out approaching completion of the annexation the board Sina Sina

July approaching, the industry had expected in June but at the Sina board of directors late night. Yesterday, the trade rumors Sina's vice president of government relations for Lin Huai leaving, although Sina denied, but the news left the industry a new round of speculation that personnel changes for the Sina prelude, Chen seemed to approach Sina board.

Yesterday, early in the year has become the largest shareholder of Sina Chen Tianqiao is still unwilling to make any assessment of when the White Sina, he only told reporters that "in this issue, we are completely open, only three types may be, the first First, continue to do the grand majority shareholder of Sina; second Shanda and Sina is absolutely a complete merger; third grand exit, Sina, Sina sell all the shares, "When reporters asked that the possibility of large, Chen said: "Now these three cases is possible, what kind of uncertain, not very good, said."

Internet veteran commentators Lvben Fu yesterday said: "In the grand Sina's stock is sold, the possibility should not; As the two merge, the future is not impossible, but the short term because the two company's culture very different, should also be very difficult; left, it was only a grand a White Sina. "Lu said:" Sina's board of directors scheduled to be held in mid-year delay is still not moving, he is likely to be two sides of the game is not over yet. Once OK, Sina's board of directors will certainly be major changes. But the manager level, whether there will be changes, not sure. "

Sina Huai Lin, vice president for the resignation rumors, senior public relations manager Meng Xiangpeng Sina told reporters that the company's current employees have not been formally notified. But even if true, would also be changes within the company who normally should not cause much controversy.

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